Penulis & ilustrator: Aulia Silmi*

I barely even know you, but I could say that you’re a big fan of chocolate. Everytime I asked “which flavor would you want?”, you would say “chocolate” as an answer. I don’t know if you said it because you’re really fond of it, or you said it off your conciousness because you just want to keep things simple. 

Later, I realized that you don’t like complicated things, just like how you chose chocolate in every occasion. But romance is tricky and complicated, probably the reason why you don’t want to experience one. Or maybe it’s just that I’m not the right one for you and you don’t feel the same way as I do. I keep on having assumptions because you’re not very loud with how you feel.

In the end, the future is a set of uncertainties, and I want to let it remain uncertain with its endless possibilities, where you can remain uncertain and so do I. I’ll leave a blank page for the future if you ever feel like filling it.

Some said that choosing to fall in love means that you're exposed to the risk of getting hurt. The truth is I've been hurt so many times that it feels numb. 

Perhaps we could go on with each of our life as a complete stranger, or I can bake you another chocolate cake for your birthday. Till we meet again, when you're ready to be certain, would you?

Sukorejo, 24 May 2023.

*@auliassilmi, freelance illustrator & architect sekaligus illustrator, mulai menulis karena merasa menulis adalah wadah curahan hati yang tak bisa diungkapkan~