Penulis & ilustrator: Aulia Silmi*

Of the million possibilities, I chose to cross path with you.

I still remember the time when I hesitated to agree with your invitation. I could’ve said no, but I agreed anyway. It was our first meeting. I had heard a lot about you, and they said bad things. I don’t know if they exaggerated, but “you weren’t as bad as what they said”, I thought.

Of the million people I have crossed path with, I chose to get stuck here with you.

I said I would never have a crush on someone. Ever. Again. But then I met you, someone I would’ve never thought I could fall for. I fell until I forgot I was falling. 

Of the million songs, I chose to listen to the songs I’ve sung together with you.

I didn’t know much about songs, but you told me about this song. It wasn’t a happy song, nor it is particularly melancolic. You explained the lyrics and I could somehow relate. The next time this song was played, I subconciously sang with you.

I told myself a million times not to fall in love again. Then, out of the million reasons, I chose to fall in love with you.

Jember, 21 May 2023.

*@auliassilmi, Alumni Arsitektur Universitas Ibrahimy Sukorejo Situbondo tahun 2022, freelance illustrator & architect, illustrator, cat butler